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From album of Margaret Mitchell (Mrs. K. W.) Brown. Clockwise from upper left: 1) Dorothy Loughran, age 8, youngest daughter of Stephen and Lillian Brown Loughran (1908); 2) Margaret and K. W. Brown with grandson Edmund Loughran II, youngest child of Lillian and Stephen (1908); 3) Dorothy and Edmund Loughran; 4) Stephen L. Loughran in a rocking chair; 5a) Stephen Loughran, Jr. with his mother Lillie and 5b) Faith and Kendrick Loughran; 6) Stephen Loughran pushing son Edmund Loughran II (an infant) and Grandpa K. W. in a wheelbarrow; 7) Edmund Loughran (postal card); 8) Lillie Loughran and her youngest child Edmund Loughran II.


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