A gathering of various members of the Brown clan around a picnic table in the yard of the K. W. and Margaret Brown home on Kellogg Avenue on July 4, 1915, to celebrate Grandfather (Kendrick Wade) Brown's 73rd birthday. Around the table, beginning on the left: Kendrick Wade Brown; Dorothy Loughran (K. W.'s granddaughter); unidentified young woman; Lillian Brown Loughran (K. W.'s daughter); Harry Farwell Brown (K.W.'s son); Farwell Tilden Brown, age 4 1/2, (K.W.'s grandson); Mary "Mame" Tilden Brown (Harry's wife, Farwell's mother); unidentified woman; Stephen Loughran (Lillian's husband); unidentified woman; Dorothy Delia Brown (K.W.'s daughter); Margaret "Maggie" Mitchell Brown (K. W.'s second wife). Sitting in the rocker behind Margaret is Kendrick Loughran (K.W.'s grandson). The house shown in the upper right hand portion of the photograph (with the awnings) was the home of Harry and Mame Brown. It is the house where Farwell Tilden Brown was born on December 17, 1910.


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