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Postal card photo of the Ames 1900 Chicago & North Western Depot. The card is dated 1908. The photograph was probably taken between 1904 and 1906 because the plantings are still small and the pathways are new. Onondaga (Main) Street, running to the east, is still not paved. The 1891 water tower can be seen above the trees on the left.

   Citation: 30.150.3 (Full image size: 57Kb)

1905 circus parade on Onondaga at intersection with Duff Avenue. Looking in a northeasternly direction. The old Ames Hotel is shown on the northwest corner of intersection. On northeast corner is the livery stable first operated by George Nichols and later by Lynn Morris.

   Citation: 4.21A.2-3 (Full image size: 63Kb)

Circus parade at corner of Douglas and Onondaga, 1905.

   Citation: 4.21A.4 (Full image size: 53Kb)

Circus parade, 1905, coming west in the block of Onondaga (later, Main) Street between Duff and Douglass avenues.

   Citation: 41.205.1-2 (Full image size: 64Kb)

From a blue tone photo in an old album. The area is the east end of Onondaga at Duff corner. The parade is moving west past the old Ames Hotel. The Morris Livery (previously the Nichols Livery) is shown east of the hotel. The small awninged building between the hotel and livery is the Hytland Shoe Hospital. (See also: 42.208.1-3)

   Citation: 41.207.1 (Full image size: 54Kb)

A circus parade at the intersection of Onondaga and Douglas. The Union National Bank is the prominent brick building on the left. (See also: 42.208.4)

   Citation: 42.208.4 (Full image size: 60Kb)

The circus parade at the intersection of Onondaga and Douglas. The Union National Bank is a prominent brick building on the left. (See also: 41.207.1)

   Citation: 5.22.1-2 (Full image size: 67Kb)

Captain Wallace M. Greeley, in derby hat, founder and president of Union National Bank, in 1905 with Lon Hardin, at left, publisher / editor of Ames Evening Times, and Van Chamberlain, lumber dealer. Greeley acquired this corner in 1882 after fire gutted the frame drug store that first occupied space at Douglas and Onondaga (Main Street after 1910). (see also: 7.24F.3-4; 44.218.4; 53.266.2; 53.266.3; 53.266.4)


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