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Looking westerly on the temporary detour bridge over Squaw Creek in 1918. The "permanent" concrete bridge had collapsed following the flood of 1918 and this narrow bridge served until a new bridge could be constructed to replace the concrete one that had fallen into the creek. Notice that an autombile has veered off the bridge--probably the driver had approached the bridge at too high a speed and had lost control. The process of replacing the concrete bridge took over a year because of disagreement about who should pay for the replacement--the state, the county or the city. The Iowa Highway Commission was not as highly organized in 1918 as it is today [2004]. It was not until 1921 that the new bridge was open for use; and, as it turned out all three governmental agencies helped pay for its construction.

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A Model T Ford heads toward the Iowa State campus in about 1918. Steets were not paved for another three or four years after this photo was taken.

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Harry Brown's Model-T Ford in 1918. His daughter Josephine (later Josephine Leffler of Des Moines) stands on the tool box mounted on the running board. Her cousin, Robert Maxon, from Texas, stands beside the car. (See also: 145.797.1; 145.799.1-3)


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