The Loughran Machine Company building was located on the east end of Onondaga (Main) Street and on the south side of Duff Avenue. It later became part of Munn Lumber Company (its storage building). The Loughran buildng was built shortly prior to 1900 by Emund Loughran. In this 1905 photograph, the man to the far right is Stephen L. Loughran, the son of Edmund Loughran. Next to him on his right, the man in the straw hat and tie is his brother-in-law Harry Brown who was the company's bookkeeper for several years. Brown was the younger brother of Stephen's wife, Lillian Brown Loughran, and in 1910 would become the father of Farwell Tilden Brown. The workman in the center of the photograph and the two women looking out of the upper window in the left of the photo could not be identified. (See also: 51.256.1)


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