The interior of the O.K. Barbershop, located in the basement of the Union National Bank on the northwest corner of Onondaga and Douglas(s). Note rows of individually-owned shaving mugs in the wall rack. The picture is from the 1899 "Directory of Ames" in which the advertisement reads, in part: "Where the workmen are experienced, clean and up-to-date. . . Special attention will be given to ladies' and children's work... We guarantee to cure dandruff and to stop the ends of hair from splitting. . . we operate 6 chairs during busy times, to insure no long waits, also 3 bathrooms and ladies' and gentlemen's shoe shining stand. . . On request we do work at private houses any day except Saturday and Sunday. . ." The Barbershop was still in its prime in the teens and 1920's. (See also: 53.265A.3)


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