One of a series of photographs taken of Onondaga (Main) Street around 1907. The tracks for the streetcar, which began service in 1907 upon the demise of the Dinkey, can be seen in the unpaved street (paved in 1910 and renamed "Main Street"). This photograph is of the north side of Onondaga, east of the Douglas Avenue corner. The popcorn wagon can be seen parked on Douglas at the side of the Union National Bank. Horses and buggies are seen parked along the street, but no automobiles. The electric street lights were probably brand new. Main Street installed new street lights again in 1929. The store in the extreme right of the photograph is the Pure Food Store and is the last building on the block before the Duff Avenue intersection. The store to the left of the grocery would later that year become the Scenic Theater (renamed the Twin Star in 1913) and the new Princess Theatre would be constructed to the east of Pure Food. The store awnings indicate this photograph was taken during the temperate seasons. The caption of this photograph says "N. SIDE ONONDAGA STREET WEST AMES IOWA. 5." Why this east end of Onondaga is described as "west Ames" is a puzzlement.


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