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The Union Bus Station and Overland Cafe opened on Main Street in 1949. Later, the building housed the Ames Savings and Loan Association.The Mattox Transfer and Storage Company (once Dragoun Moving)occupied the building to the left of the depot. Both structures were extensively re-modeled and are the present (1996) site of the Brenton Bank. (See also: 176.985.1)

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This photo is from a postcard postmarked 1952. The date of the photo is probably 1950 or before. It shows the north side of Main Street in downtown Ames near the Douglas Aveue corner. At the far right is the Union Story Trust & Savings Bank (George Judisch, chairman of the board and Henry R. Martin, president). The bank was originally built and owned by Capt. Horace Greeley and was named Union Bank to honor the Civil War army in which Greeley served. Next to it is Tilden's which at this time sold men and womens clothing and home furnishings. Clark Duncan Tilden was its president. Next to Tilden's is the Judisch Bros. Drug Store (owned and operated at this time by George Judisch). Also note the "woody" station wagon, a popular vehicle in the 1940s and 1950s, parked in front of Tilden's.


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