A page of advertising from an Iowa State College student directory. Top ad is for the Union National Bank, located on the corner of Douglas Avenue and Main Street in downtown Ames. At the time of the ad, Seaman A. Knapp was the president of the bank and Arthur J. Martin, its cashier. Jameson's was a men's clothing store, owned by Walter H. Jameson, located at 213 Main Street. The second floor of Jameson's was often used for college dances. The third ad is for the Ames Pantorium, a cleaning shop, located at this time at 208 Main Street and operated by Edward M. Kooker. The 1922 Ames City Directory lists Ames Pantorium at 407 Duff Avenue. Around 1925, the Ames Pantorium relocated again to 410 Douglas where it remains today [2004]. "Pantorium" seems to be a word coined for clothes cleaners--in the 1917 and 1919 city directories it is used as a general heading for cleaning shops.


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