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Boone Road (later Lincoln Way) bridge over Squaw Creek.

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A collection of pictures from one of Farwell Brown's family albums. Starting in the upper left-hand corner is an advertisement from the Ames newspaper for George G. Tilden's dry goods store, dated August 25, 1885. Tilden was Farwell Brown's maternal grandfather. The picture in the upper right is the Squaw Creek Bridge, a wooden bridge on Boone (later, Lincoln Way) Street (taken probably around 1900). The picture in the middle is the K. W. Brown family residence at 1011 Kellogg. When this picture was taken, in 1879, the house was actually located two blocks from Ames's downtown. Kendrick W. Brown was Farwell Brown's paternal grandfather. The bottom right hand photograph is Ames's first electric light plant and pumping station, located on the east end of Main Street. Photograph shows the plant shortly after it was first built, around 1897. The bottom left photograph shows a newpaper advertisement for K. W. Brown's dry goods store which was located immediately east of what was the Odd Fellows building (later, the American Legion). Brown was a commercial traveller for a New York clothing manufacturer. He engaged someone else to run the store for him. The year of the ad is probably 1905.


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