This advertisement for the Ames Canning Company, a factory located at Third Street & Bourne Avenue, appeared in the Ames newspaper on September 26, 1939. At that time the company was owned and operated by Henry W. Chavis. In the early morning of November 8, 1948, Chavis was found shot to death outside his farm home, located a mile south of Ames. His murder was never solved (See "The Ames Daily Tribune, November 8 and 9, 1948.) Chavis and his wife Gertrude had lived in Ames from about 1936 and, until 1946, are shown as residing at 910 Duff Ave. After his death, the company was sold to the Green Giant food conglomerate. The factory operated until 1957. This ad refers to "THE DIAMOND JUBILEE," which may have been the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the incorporation of Ames in 1864, though "diamond jubilee" often refers to a 50th or 60th anniversary. The canning factory was opened in 1918, so it could not have been a celebration of that enterprise.


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