Citation: 5.23A.1-3 (Full image size: 53Kb)

George G. Tilden's store in 1896, shortly after the death of President Ulysses Grant. In 1890 George Tilden and Wallace Greeley built the brick building that included Greeley's Union Bank and Tilden's store complex. Men's and women's clothing, shoes, dry goods, and groceries were sold from these two Onondaga (Main) Street fronts and groceries, from an entrance off Douglas Avenue to the east. In this photo from the left are: a clothes display dummy; Dick Brannigan; a small boy clothes dummy; Galen Tilden, son of George G.; Belle (Selby) Allen, the first woman store clerk in downtown Ames; and Charlie Lyman, clerk and later general manager of Galen Tilden's enterprise, Tilden's Manufacturing (later called Collegiate Pacific). (see also: 5.23C.1-2; 12.55.3; 132.727.1-3; 139.769.4-6; 139.770.1-3)


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