The American Thomas Flyer, shown at the Duff Avenue and Onondaga (after 1910, Main) Street corner on March 2, 1908, at a stop in Ames during the much-touted "New-York-to-Paris Automobile Race." The Munn Lumber yard is in the left background. The old Ames water tower is seen in the upper center right. Monty Roberts was the driver of the U.S car; George Schuster was the mechanic; and George Miller was added to the crew in Buffalo, New York. The sideboards of the car apparently were added to carry the crew's luggage as well as materials for repairing the car. The American Thomas Flyer was declared the winner when the race entered Paris, France, on July 30, 1908, with George Schuster at the wheel. The Thomas Flyer, manufactured in 1907, cost $4,000. Weighing 5,000 pounds when loaded, its 4-cylinder 60-horse-power engine could maintain a speed of 60 miles per hour. However, the car provided few amenities and rider comfort. Photo is courtesy of Carl W. Allen of Nevada, Iowa. (See also: 212.1204.1-3)


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