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Main Street and Grand Avenue corner in 1936 before the underpass was built. Looking across the intersection from the northwest corner. Chicago & North Western Railroad's water tank can be seen where it stood at the west end of the Depot Park. Gas stations were then located on both west corners of the intersection. Bert's Lunch sign can be seen just beyond Ben Koos's Phillips Oil Station at right. Looking south along Grand Avenue, you can see the old grade crossing. (See also: 130.715.1-3) Photo, courtesy of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

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Looking north from south side of Grand Avenue rail crossing in 1936 when it was a grade crossing. Railroad's water tank at right center and Bert's on left side near north side of the tracks. Full time crossing guards were maintained around the clock. Guard's little shelter house can be seen beyond the car about to enter Grand Avenue in the foreground.


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