Photograph taken by Farwell Brown on June 9, 1968 of the fire at Collegiate Manufacturing's plant, in southeast Ames, located within two blocks of the railroad tracks about three blocks east of South Duff on the corner of Third Street and Borne Avenue. The building had once housed the Ames Canning Company's factory (beginning in 1918 and ending in 1957). After the canning plant ceased operations, the property was acquired by Collegiate, a long-time Ames company that, according to its 1968 entry in the "Ames City Directory," manufactured and sold "college and school merchandise, stuffed novelties, pennants, banners, sportswear, stickers, decals, and emblems." The merchandise carried the logos, seals, and/or names of the schools and was sold widely throughout the U.S. An account of the fire can be found on the first page of "The Ames Tribune" on June 10, 1968. The building was completely destroyed. John F. "Jack" Adams, who was the executive vice-president and business manager for the company, still [2004] lives in Ames. (See also: 204.1156.1-5)


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