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The Gates M. Brown home and office in Arlington, Iowa, December, 1908. Dr. Brown practiced medicine in Arlington from 1902 to 1918. His physician's shingle can be seen hanging on the house siding between the center pillars. The rooms on the second floor were reserved for patients. Dr. Brown brought nurses out from Dubuque when needed for his in-house patients. Young Kendrick Brown, the son of Gates and Inez Patterson Brown, is standing on the lawn with the family dog. Gates Brown was Farwell Brown's uncle. He also practiced medicine in Ames and Dayton, Iowa. For more information, see "MY-UNCLE-THE-DOCTOR," pp. 21-27, in "Ames in Word and Picture; Book Three: Tales from Two Old-Timers," by Farwell T. Brown, 2003. (See also: 191.1084.1)


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