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First Christian Church photo retrieved from the 1915 time capsule in the cornerstone of the Ames Municipal Building (1997: Youth and Shelter Services headquarters, the Jacobson Building). The church was located on the northeast corner of Burnett Avenue and Fifth Street. The house at the right of the church was replaced by the "Daily Tribune" building. The spire of the Methodist church on Sixth and Kellogg can be seen in the right background.

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It wasn't until 1910 that Ames had its first large-scale florist shop, Olsan's Flowers, which occupied the town's first all-concrete building on the southwest corner of Burnett and Main Streets. Proprietor Frank Olsan's greenhouse was located on north Sheldon Avenue in west Ames. The delivery truck is seen here parked outside that greenhouse. (See Also:48.238B.4; 48.238C.1)


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