Ed Collins, Steve Barnhart, and Farwell Brown, on July 10, 1987, aided by Lawrence Hammerly of the Wittemberg Congregational Church north of Newton, Iowa, discovered the broken tombstones of Rev. John White, (originally from Connecticut) who helped found the first church in Ames in 1865, and of his daughter Mary. Later, Hammerly discovered the unbroken stone of Rev. White's wife Jane. After the tombstones had been repaired and reset (from left-to-right: Mary White, Jane White, and John White), a group from Ames visited the site. Left-to-right: Lawrence Hammerly and (from Ames) George Simpson, Joan Jacobs, John Kerr (minister of the Congregational church in Ames from 1988-1989), and Ed Collins. (For another pose of the same group, see 114.626.5)


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