Citation: 182.1025.1-5 (Full image size: 135Kb)

This aerial photograph was taken on May 1, 1949, by Olav Smedal. It looks northward toward the Iowa State College campus from a point between Ash Avenue on the left and Beach Avenue on the right. The undeveloped street in the foreground, with a single house on it, is McCarthy Road. Note the pioneer McCarthy home on Ash Avenue in the lower left corner of the photo. Lincoln Way has not been widened and trees line its bottomland stretch. Farm buildings face Beach Avenue's east side. Twenty years later the Iowa State Center will appear east of Beach on the low lands at the of this photo. Beach Avenue becomes Wallace Road north of Lincoln Way. The open space north of Lincoln Way and west of Wallace Road was once a coed golf course. The Linden residence hall was built there in 1957. (See also: 209.1187.2-3 which is the same aerial with a different description)

   Citation: 209.1186.5 (Full image size: 113Kb)

Looking to the north toward the Iowa State College campus from Beach Avenue which curves around the smokestack of the college's physical plant. The area to the southeast of Beach (in the lower right of this photo) once contained the women's practice golf course. This is a portion of an aerial photograph taken by Olav Smedal on May 1, 1949. (See also: 209.1187.1)

   Citation: 209.1187.2-3 (Full image size: 133Kb)

This is the full aerial (a portion of which is described in 209.1186.5) taken by Olav Smedal on May 1, 1949. It is taken about eight blocks to the south of Lincoln Way (which bisects the upper third of the photo) and looks north toward the Iowa State College campus. Beach Avenue is the long street which begins in the bottom right of the photo and crosses Lincoln Way and curves around the campus. On the left, the north south street is Ash Avenue. In the immediate foreground are the beginnings of the development of Country Club Drive and all the streets to its south. The campus heating plant and smoke stack can be seen in the upper center of the photo. Pammel Court can be seen in the upper right. (See also: 182.1025.1-5 which has another description though it is the same aerial)


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