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This photograph, taken by W. G. White on October 7, 1938, shows the new Grand Avenue underpass from Fifth Street, looking north toward Lincoln Way. Tracks from the Chicago & North Western Railroad cover the bridge spanning Grand Ave. In the center left is the water tank which occupied the western edge of the Chicago & North Western Depot Park. The Interurban Railroad Depot can be seen in the center right of the photograph, above the bridge. That depot occupied the space which today [2005] is the site of the Greater Iowa Credit Union (once, the ISU Credit Union). Originally, the depth of the underpass was within inches of the level of the nearby Squaw Creek. This fact accounted for frequent flooding of the underpass in its early years. The drainage has since been changed to help prevent flooding. Additionally, the depth has been changed and the street widened in a number of reconstructions. Note the art students, sitting on the sidewalk in the left of the photograph, sketching the underpass.

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Aerial view of underpass on Grand Avenue under C & NW tracks. Taken in 1938 shortly after the underpass was completed. Note construction of Ames High School (afterwards, Central Junior High School; then -1990- Ames City Hall) in upper center right. Work is in progress on second floor. The 1912 Ames High School can be seen to the right of this construction. In foreground is the Interurban Depot, built in 1915. At time of photo, depot had been moved back from Grand Avenue where it had been before construction of the underpass. Depot served as passenger depot for Interurban streetcars and as freight depot. At time of photo depot served freight only. In center right is Kimler Coal & Ice Co. (note mounds of coal behind building). C & NW water tower is shown east of second underpass.


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