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Photo is from a stereoptican original taken in 1882. It shows the north side of Onondaga (Main) Street from the corner of Onondaga and Douglas Avenue. The Ames Drug Store on the corner was operated by S. O. Osborn. Frame store to left, built in 1867 by D. and S. L. Lucas, was purchased in spring of 1868 by D. A. Bigelow and H. C. Huntington; they were joined in partnership by George G. Tilden in 1869. Tilden became sole owner of that mercantile business in 1883. The brick building next west of the frame was built by Bigelow, Huntington, and Tilden in 1873 as they expanded their clothing business. Notice steeple of Methodist chapel at far left end of block. (See also: 5.23B.1-2)


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