A 1963 newspaper photograph shows the supervised fire which razed the International House on the corner of Ash Avenue and Lincoln Way. In 1879, Iowa State College president, Adonijah S. Welch purchased land and built a home just south of the college property. He hired a Mr. Turner to build the home which was occupied by the Welch in 1880. The tornado of April 8, 1882, "removed a few of the chimneys" of the house. For a description of the structure see, pp. 267-68 of "The Iowa State University Campus and Its Buildings," by H. Summerfield Day, 1980. The house was occupied by the Welch family through 1885. Subsequent occupants were: ISC President Chamberlain (1886-1891), ISC President Beardshear (1892-1898), Millikan Stalker (1899-1906), Sallie Stalker Smith (1897-1921), Kappa Sigma fraternity (1922-1926), Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity (1927-1928), and International House (1928-1963). The heirs to the Welch estate sold the house in 1898 to Millikan Stalker, a professor of veterinary science. He willed the house to his sister Sallie Stalker Smith. She proposed that the property go to Iowa State College after her death in the names of her brother and herself for the pupose of furthering the cause of international good will. Ownership passed to the college in 1928 and The Gables became International House, a residence for male foreign students. It was razed in 1963 to make way for the construction of Buchanan Hall which continued as a residence hall for foreign students.


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