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George Belitsos, director of Youth & Shelter Services of Story County, speaking on the occasion of the opening of the 1915 time capsule in the cornerstone of the Municipal Building on Kellogg Avenue and Fifth Street. The building, because of the petitioning of the Ames Heritage Association, was designated a National Historic Preservation site. After an extensive restoration-remodeling project, the building re-opened in 1997 as the headquarters of Youth & Shelter Services.

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Kathy Svec, president of the Ames Heritage Association, introduces George Belitsos, director of Youth & Shelter Services of Story County. The occasion is the opening of the cornerstone time capsule from the Municipal Building (Ames's former City Hall) on January 24, 1996. The Municipal Building, constructed in 1915, was designated a National Historical Preservation site after a successful petition from the Ames Heritage Association and then was restored and remodeled to become the headquarters of Story County Youth & Shelter Services. The building is at the corner of Kellogg Avenue and Fifth Street in downtown Ames. From left to right in the photo: George Belitsos, Kathy Svec, Rose Rollenhagen, Priscilla Matt, and Andrea Lex.


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