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Looking at the south side of Onondaga Street (name changed to Main Street in 1910 when the street was paved) in a 1909 panorama (the original is tinted). In the center, is the Ft. Dodge, Des Moines & Southern interurban street car No. 64 bound for Des Moines. The interurban at that time used the old Ames Hotel as a depot for people going to or coming from Des Moines. In 1910, the Ft. Dodge, Des Moines & Southern built a depot on the south end of Grand Avenue near Lincoln Way. On the right of the photo is a popcorn wagon that was a fixture on the corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue from about 1905 to 1939. The wagon is marked with the name O. E. Smith, but Ben Young sold his hot buttered popcorn to pedestrians and downtown shoppers for 24 of the 34 years the wagaon did business. A man has just emerged from the O.K. Barbershop's stairway (it was in the basement of the Union Nation Bank on the corner of Main and Douglas). Across the street on the far right is Bauge & Alm Shoes. On the far left in the building with the arched steeple is a store on the ground floor and a real estate/insurance office on the second floor. (See also: 17.80A.1-4; 17.80B.1; 17.81.2-3; 68.350.1-5; and 68.351A.1. Tinted photograph: 16.77.1-2)


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