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Gaessler Lodge, a Camp Fire site, off of Duff Avenue around Thirtieth Street. When it was built, there were no homes in that area. The lodge was adjacent to Inis Grove Park. Pictured in front of the lodge are William Gaessler, a retired professor of chemistry at Iowa State University, his daughter Ruth Marie Veltrop, and her daughter (name unknown). Bill Gaessler and his wife Myrtle were instrumental in the formation of Camp Fire Girls in Ames. They were present at the first training programs sponsored by Iowa State College extension in 1914. The first Camp Fire organization was formed in 1916. Myrtle Gaessler served as executive secretary. In 1925, she chaired a committee to set up a campsite for the girls. Eventually the site became Camp Canwita; the building there was designated Gaessler Lodge in 1981 in honor of the Gaesslers' work. In 1978, the Camp Fire Girls included boys in their membership and became known as "Camp Fire." See also: 207.1175.3,5


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