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Men's physical education classes prepare to present demonstrations for the 1914 dedication of Iowa State College's State Gymnasium.

   Citation: 196.1114.5 (Full image size: 64Kb)

View of Iowa State College campus looking west from a point east of the judging pavilions and the animal confinement buildings which were on the east side of the campus. The photograph was taken by F. E. Colburn in 1914. (Colburn came to Iowa State in 1908 as the official photographer for the college. He was appointed associate professor of photography in 1910 and stayed at ISC until 1915 when he moved on to the University of Kansas as its official photographer.) In the lower left hand quadrant of the photograph is a portion of the track, known as the loop, that served the Interurban Railroad's streetcar service on the campus. The tracks are shown going west. From there they would turn north, circle around the campus and return to Knapp Street, cross Lincoln Way and wend their way to downtown Ames. In the right foreground of the photo are two of the livestock judging pavilions (hexagonal in shape) and the experiment station barn. In the center right is the round judging pavilion which would later become Shattuck Theater, a venue for drama workshop productions. Immediately beyond that is the horse barn. Other prominent campus buildings are seen in the upper portion of the photograph. (See also: 196.1115.1-5)

   Citation: 63.318.2 (Full image size: 48Kb)

ISC engineering students on occasion of St. Patrick's Day in 1914. Engineering (Marston) Hall is seen in the background and also the Marston Water Tower. This picture taken before or after the parade of students in downtown Ames.


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